Monthly Archive: January, 2014

View from Torrey Pines Trail

Happiness floods over me when I am here.

Honker at the Lake

I couldn’t help but laugh when this guy chased me away from his part of the sidewalk. He was loud and clear about his need for personal space.

Breakfast Treat

I’ve been gluten-free for years, so it never occurs to me to order sweets like pancakes or French toast for breakfast. I usually end up with an omelette or eggs and bacon, but… Continue reading

Beach Art

Sunny Days

Nothing energizes me like a day filled with light.

Nephew’s Insistence

We’d already been at the zoo most of the day and everyone was tired except for the 6-year-old. We told him he could see one more animal and he chose the panda. Grudgingly… Continue reading

Mother Nature

Cool Hiking Spot

Lots of great scenery at Mission Trails Regional Park.

Fresh Greens

I love the crunch of baby bok choy sauteed with a little garlic and sesame oil.

Easy Access to Clean Water

I often take this for granted. The governor of California declared a drought emergency this week because 2013 was the driest year on record in the past century and we have no rain… Continue reading